Ac. Kinshuk Ranjan Sarkar meets Margiis of North Bihar

Ac. Kishan Sood

ReceptionAc. Kinshuk Ranjan the Prodha Pramukh of Ananda Marga with wholetimers and margiis toured parts of North Bihar and visited Hajipur, Siwan, Gopalganj, Betiah, Motihari and Sitamarhi during his five day long programme. He left kolkata's Tiljala Jagrti on the evening of 1st April and returned back on the 6th of April. During his tour Dadajii was accompanied by GS dada and many central workers dadas and Didis. He arrived at Rajendra Nagar terminal of Patna on the 2nd morning amidst greetings and tumultuous welcome by the Margiis of Patna Bhukti. 

Margii slogans like Ananda Marga Amar hai, Manav manav ek hai, Manav ka dharma ek hai, Vishva bandhutva ka'yam ho, rent the air at the Railway platform.

Ac. Kinshuk Dadas touring party was joined by Margiis of Patna and the caravan of motorcade led by a dozen bikes lead their way to Hajipur. Dadas and Didis travelling with ac. Kinshuk were welcomed at Gurukul vidyapiith by Margiis and students and staff of the school. After shaoch and indvidual meditation the caravan moved to Hajipur Jagrati. At the Gurukul, A'c. Kinshuk addressed the staff of the school inspiring them to learn sadhana and practice Ananda Marga way of life for the benefit of self and society.

At the Jagrti scores of margiis from Vaishali Bhukti greeted dadas and Didis. Ac. Kinshuk dada addressed the Margiis soon after collective meditation. Thereafter he had a dialogue with the senior Margiis about the efforts being made towards unity of the movement.

From Hajipur the margii caravan moved to Siwan and it was received by the Margiis at the entrance of the Siwan town by the bike riding Margiis. They were led to the residence of Dr. Vidyananda. On arriving there dadajii was welcomed by several hundred Margiis of Siwan Bhukti. The house of Dr. Vidyanand had festive look, it was decorated to suit the happy occasion of the visit of Kinshuk Dada. Here also there was a Margiis meeting followed by serious discussion about bringing all factions under one umbrella to give boost to the margii mission. It was universally recognized by all the Margiis that society is looking towards the margii ideology for the all round welfare of humanity of our planet.

In the evening after collective meditation & kiirtan A'c. Kinshuk addressed the margiis and inspired them to be Is't'anis'tha and Adarshanis'tha. The programme was followed by Babas video.

The margii party proceeded towards Gopalganj in the morning. Here again they were likewise received by the Margiis there. The Margiis of Gopalganj had arranged akhanda kiirtan and welcomed the Ac. Kinshuk dada and the accompanying Margiis. There was prabhat samgiita  programme by the local artists followed by collective meditation. Kinshuk Dada addressed the gathering of margiis and local public inspiring all to follow the path of dharma as taught by Ananda marga.

From here the touring margii party moved to Betiah, on the way margii caravan stopped by the welcoming margiis of the villages and proceeded towards Betiah and arriving there amidst warm welcome by the Margiis at the Betiah Jagrti. 

The Margiis there were excited as they watched kinshuk dada arrive among them. Dadas simplicity and sweet behaviour instantly brought happiness and joy to the Margiis. Betiah jagrti has been the witness of the Divine liila of our dearest Baba, who stayed at the Jagrti during the DMC in the sixties. Here also Kinshuk dada endeared himself to the young and old margiis by his smiling and straight forward approach to the issues of the marga and offered solutions without blaming anybody.

At Betiah again there were margii meeting and dadas public address followed by the video presentation of Baba..Next day the margii team moved towards Motihari. 

At Motihari jagrti similar scene of happy margii community waiting for A'c. Kinshuk was witnessed. Old and new margiis reminisced those blissful days in October 1966 when Baba had visited the Jagrti for DMC and had stayed here and later moved to the house of Ac. Deokinandan Prasad.

This jagrti was vibrant with akhand kiirtan and margii slogans rent the air in joyful spirit.

There was the usual program of margii meeting and general address by A'c. Kinshuk Ranjan and Baba video.

From Motihari the party moved to Sitamarhi and reached the Sitamarhi jagrti amidst tumultuous welcome by the Margiis of Sitamarhi Bhukti. Akhand kiirtan was in progress as the kinshuk dadas party reached there and joined the kiirtan and the collective sadhana. Thereafter the margii meeting took place and press conference was addressed. All news papers published the news and there was also a broadcast on the TV channel highlighting Ananda marga activities.

In the evening Ac. Kinshuk addressed the margiis in a devotional atmosphere. 

Didi Ananda Abhiis'a who had specially come with whole time workers sang many prabhat samgiita songs enthralling the Margiis throughout during the tour of the five bhuktis. After the akhanda kiirtan there was inspiration talk on kiirtan which brought nostalgic memories of the good old days when kiirtan was first introduced in Ananda marga and Baba gave official recognition to kiirtan in the DMC at Patna on the occasion of new year 1971. Old kiirtan tunes were sung to the delight of the Margiis specially the one sang by Natkhat kedarjii, the old time Acarya and the those sung by Dada Nityasatyananda.

The evening was spent at Sita Didis residence where margiis had assembled for kiirtan and sadhana. Dada was served 76 dishes to the surprise of Kinshuk dada, who barely touched each dish and was amply satisfied with the food in his thali.

The party comprising of dadas and Didis went to Majholia to Didis ashram there where more than 200 odd margii greeted them and had a dainty priitibhoj. Simultaneously kinshuk dada returned back to Patna and went to visit the Madhu magadhi Baba quater. There akhanda kiirtan was in progress after the kiirtan Dada addressed the Margiis and flew back to Kolkata on the evening of sixth.

The programme was a grand success inspiring new life into the movement and bringing vigor and dynamism among the margiis.

The programme brought out young and old margiis from many generations everywhere, getting inspired by the heart touching talks of Ac. Kinshuk. The touring movement will be planned similarly to cover whole of Bihar.

In some places Bihar Police also participated in grand reception of A'c. Kinshuk Ranjan sarkar.